GP Registrars

Mid North Coast region offers an unforgettable tourism experience from beautiful beaches to abundant rainforests, tranquil islands and undulating hinterland. Visitors have the opportunity to view whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

The Division of General Practice remains committed to the support and growth of General Practice in the North Coast . To that end it has not only focused on our current workforce but also the workforce of the future which is our GP Registrars in training. These young professionals are awarded associate member status as soon as they settle into their training practices. The Division encourages their involvement in the Professional Development program run by the Division as well as facilitating networking with other GP's, medical students and Specialists at social events sponsored by the Division.

The facilities at the Division are open for all GP Registrars to access and include videoconferencing facilities, library resources and involvement in any Division projects that may stimulate their research desires. They are always welcome to learn more about the many projects that assist and promote the health of the Community. Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine is the alternate GP College for those doctors who specialise in Rural medicine

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